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Shaping the future of hospitality together

Shaping the future of hospitality together

Hospitality industry is in fast recovery and the next months and years are crucial to demonstrate value and what companies learned after COVID 19 crisis.

One of the most important things that is shaping the future of the hospitality industry are the joint ventures between strong companies who can combine forces to offer a unique and better service to its clients.

A recent one is the partnership between Stream 2 and Temporales Jobs, combining the best portfolio of hotels in Germany and Netherlands with the best provider of hospitality workers from Spain and Portugal. The perfect matchmaking!

“Hospitality goes through the veins of Spanish and Portuguese staff working in hotels, and we are convinced that with this joint venture we will contribute to the growth of hospitality in the Netherlands and Germany”, says Ziga Petek, co-owner of Stream 2.

Stream 2 manages over 1.200 hotel partners, like Marriot, Renaissance and Holliday Inn, in more than 300 cities. Stream 2 has built a great staff and has deep knowledge of the travel industry, Rene Geleynse tells us a little bit more about the begging of the partnership with Temporales Jobs:

“Slowly the hotels are coming out of the crisis and we noticed in the past period that the hotels are very concerned about finding good and motivated staff. We got into conversation with Manuel Diez, from Temporales Jobs, and we are convinced to be able to offer a better solution for Housekeeping, Kitchen, Restaurant and Front Office.”

Temporales Jobs, is a well-established Human Resources company founded in 2013, specialized in selecting the best qualified and motivated hospitality professionals, mainly from Spain and Portugal, to work abroad. They have placed more than 9000+ candidates to its clients and are now proud to embrace this new challenge together with Stream 2.

“This joint venture is an example of how separate companies come together and build a strong community from trustful hotels with trustful candidates”, says Manuel Diez, owner of Temporales Jobs.

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